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Kanetaka Ikeda

The inspiration behind majority of my work is from a vivid, memorable dream I had back in the late 1980's. In this dream I was in the center of the universe surrounded by zillions of whirling orbs which I thought were suns and stars. With an immense energy which I felt, they moved toward the center where nebulous, ever-changing tree like form stood. Afterward, I came to see the universe in a rather romantic, symbolic way as a Cosmic Tree in which among other things, suns and stars are the fruits and flowers, and invisible lines of gravity, its branches. Because I do not see the necessity to recapture the dream of the Cosmic Tree, in works that deals with this theme, I do not attempt to visualize my dream realistically, but create original forms and visual compositions inspired from it. Besides sculpture, the inspiration has manifested in a variety of art media-installations, paintings, drawings and even poetic verses.


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