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Angennette Escobar

I draw upon my upbringing for conceptual inspiration resulting in a deeply personal exploration of my Mexican Catholic heritage. My work often includes Mexican religious iconography, specifically Milagros (small metal charms that represent miracles). I use body imagery intertwined with religious objects to connect with my cultural identity and heritage, as well as my corporeal reality as a human being. I rarely sculpt or paint full figures, instead I treat the body in parts or pieces like the Milagros. I embed milagros into each piece as a secret prayer. Sometimes the milagros will not be an integral part of the work, but can always be found somewhere on the object (sometimes even on the back of paintings or the undersides of sculptures).

I often sculpt or paint onto found objects and combine them with other media like clay or plaster. Sometimes, I embed other religious objects into the surfaces of my work. I also use images, maps, memories, stories, songs and events from my childhood as subject matter and as a way to document and preserve them for the future. I will often use symbolism and surrealism to depict my ideas and Mexican folk art as a way to channel my memories of place and time.


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