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Aaron Johanson

I produce a variety of artwork that includes photography, drawing, screen prints, collage and sculpture. I hope that no-one ever thinks they know what to expect when they hear I’m having a show. I myself cannot predict where the create muse will take me from one year to another. I believe it is important to address current events and, on occasion, my work does have an overt political nature to it. On the other hand, I feel it is also important to respond to personal aesthetic currents that take the artist to unknown destinations.


I have been fortunate enough to show extensively in Tokyo due to my decade-long involvement with Japan. My experience living and working in Japan has influenced my aesthetic enormously while I still like to view myself as firmly grounded in the Pacific Northwest and the crazy, wonderful art that arises here.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.



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