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Noah Alexander Isaac Stein

The untamable expanse of reality, in all its diverse and subjective forms, is ineffable. However, when confronted with the chaos of an undifferentiated world, it is an essential human need to create conceptual separations. The pride of thus containing boundless awareness inside of thought is a persistent illusion that obscures, even as it enables individualization. The direct awareness that is the heart of all transcendent experience is a luminous deluge that permits no individual thing to exist without all.


The experience of this universality is the intent of my art, which seeks to approach the transcendent through both process and subject. By creating tensions of light and darkness, materiality and spirit, frenzy and control, my artwork is intended to provoke a response that leads beyond duality and into direct encounters with reality. This is likewise a central process during creation, where trance, frenzy, and meditation are evoked both during painting and communicated through the emotive fire of their residue. In this bridging of experience, the art aims to discard separations even between viewer and artist, as a singular pathway emerges leading out of division, back to the garden of the universal.


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