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Laura Swingen

I paint to explore the harmonies and dissonance regarding my sense of place within my thoughts, my body, my generation, and my existence in contemporary America.


Inspiration for each work often draws on aspects of life that leave me feeling powerless and a lack of belonging. By addressing feelings of alienation, loss, or discontent through a surreal or absurdist approach, I can visually construct and present these experiences in a way that reframes them.


When starting a new piece, I balance aesthetic concerns with my conceptual ideas for the narrative of the piece. My compositions and color palettes are often inspired by the work of the expressionists, surrealists, symbolists, and many contemporary figurative painters. Additionally, I integrate intuitive approaches, including ornamenting my paintings with small figures and symbols to reflect the layered dimensions of the themes I explore.


My finished paintings are imbued with my emotions relating to place, the works invite viewers to experience a sense of the weirdness, complexity, and beauty of searching for grounding in ourselves, our society, and our surroundings.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.

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