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Clint Brown

Clint Brown is Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University, where he taught sculpture, painting, and drawing. As an artist, he often uses the human figure as a means of commenting on the human condition. His work encompasses painting, drawing, printmaking, bronze and resin casting, and large-scale public sculpture. The author of two books on art, Drawing from Life and Artist to Artist: Inspiration & Advice from Artists Past & Present, he taught numerous workshops throughout Oregon and spent four weeks teaching drawing in Rome. 


His artwork spans several decades, styles, and subjects and resonates with the times in which they were produced. Clint Brown has consistently created art with passion and meaning, from his early three-dimensional plastic works reflecting on gender stereotypes and the sexual revolution to the hauntingly poignant Plague Drawings about the AIDS pandemic, his Studies in Sanguine expressing the power of human desire, and his Street People series documenting the growing homelessness crisis. 


His method is to create a series of thematically related images that often combine formalist and humanist concerns. He engages with the media, using the energy of creation to imbue his works with vitality and movement, activating all aspects of the composition.


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