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Hannah Theiss

My art practice is formed around the collaborative dance between humanity and the natural world we so briefly inhabit. I find inspiration in the patterns and markings of time found in shell ridges, tree rings, and sedimentary layers below our feet, each depicting a unique and never-replicable story.

My process allows for the natural world to leave its fingerprints next to my own: encouraging ink to run and dry as it pleases; allowing material to tear without controlling its path; capturing the shadow of netting moving in the breeze in a cyanotype. I often take a back seat to what emerges, responding with my own structure, arrangement, or interpretation. My work seeks to highlight the undeniable importance—and impact—of our human presence as a part of our collective story.

Although my initial artistic focus was in printmaking, I have since grown to explore many other disciplines, seeking not to become an expert in any one, but to instead study and refine a breadth of techniques and processes to inform my work. I take pride in my experimentation, never letting rules or what’s traditionally expected to determine my process. I employ formal disciplines, including printmaking, painting, and drawing, alongside undefined experimentations with glue, ink, graphite, paper, and collage. My work combines my own abstractions with referential natural textures, sometimes affecting them with ripping, cutting, and collage, amplifying the story of each material and texture into a larger, collective story.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.



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