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Barbara Black

My works continue the tribute in my aesthetic to dreams, mysterious promptings from the muse, and the unexpected compositional structures and imagery which emerge of their own volition when very watery washes have been employed. Renderings of improbable land and waterscapes, symbols, architecture, patterns and figures (human and animal) reveal themselves. I am always intrigued and delighted by the way imagery appears and is adamant about what must and must not be added to complete the work. Any initial ideas I might have had are always changed by its demands. Completing the piece is like working my way through to the end of a particularly satisfying mystery novel; the intricate dance between imagery and the consideration of formal needs keeps me looking at and working on it until the inevitable solution arrives.


I continue to explore a variety of themes that have always fascinated me. Having made art for many years, I move back and forth through changes in imagery, media, process, without a linear evolution. I inevitably revisit earlier motifs and images for new and further exploration. Linear time is an illusion when dancing amongst the mysteries of the creative process.

To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.

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