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First Thursday Opening Reception: June 6, 5-8pm

Artists Talk with Myra Clark and Angennette Escobar: Sunday, June 9, 2pm

Places, Everyone: Life in the Pearl Arts District — Panel Discussion: Monday, June 17, 5:30pm

Egg Tempera Demonstration: Sunday, June 23, 3pm — CANCELED

Closing Reception: Saturday, June 29, 2-4pm


A Preponderance of Pareidolia
Chris Steinken

Chris Steinken Accumulated, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 40"

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness. It’s the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none.

The detailed driftwood paintings exhibited in A Preponderance of Pareidolia offer ample opportunity to realize the connections between time, form, and recognition.

What do you see?

A Career Retrospective
Sue Tower

Sue Tower  Fonteyn and Pavlova, 1993, oil on canvas, 45" x 45"

Please join us in celebrating the life and work of our departed Blackfish Gallery family member Sue Tower.

She was a graduate of PNCA and a member of Blackfish Gallery for over thirty years. Tower’s early works of figurative narration reflect her love of dance and her devoted study of art history, infused with a playful sense of irony. During her career, Tower explored a variety of interests, including architecture and women's fashions. Over the past several years, she created bold abstract paintings, experimenting with pattern, texture, and color.


Signs and Symbols 
Myra Clark & Angennette Escobar

Myra ClarkMagdalene's Tangle, installation with farm eggs, found ceramic bowl, Chinese silk, found newel post, plywood, acrylic paint, egg cartons

Angennette EscobarTwo Hearts, 2024, acrylic, ink and thread on canvas, 31" x 31”

In this joint show, Clark and Escobar offer tools for navigating the space between the physical and spiritual worlds. Ranging from the confluence of Roman Catholicism and indigenous Mexican belief systems to traditional Byzantine icons, the works exhibited in Signs and Symbols make one thing clear—these two artists have flung themselves with abandon into the intersection between storytelling and the divine.

And they are taking us with them.


Limei Lai

Limei Lai  Freedom and Tradition, 2022, natural dye fabric on wood board, 96" x 48”

One day, artist Limei Lai slipped into some beautifully mended jeans. “I wish relationships could be mended yet remain beautiful and sweet,” she wondered. What if they could? What if mending was an accepted and perpetual practice in all of aspects our lives?

Lai’s Mending is a mixed media interactive installation featuring fabric and paper elements visitors are encouraged to explore, weave, and arrange. Together, we will create a new work, an expression of collective mending that starts in potential and ends in intergenerational communication, interracial communication, and beauty.

Chris Steinken
Sue Tower
Myra Clark
Angennette Escobar

Blackfishers Doing Cool Stuff

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