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​​Virtual Opening Reception & Artist Talks

Thursday, February 3rd:
on Facebook Live at 4:30 pm,
in gallery 5 pm-8 pm. 

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Paul Missal and Robert R. Dozono

An Enduring Friendship
February 1-26, 2022

Help us celebrate the works of artists Robert R. Dozono and Paul Missal, whose lasting contributions as members of Blackfish Gallery cannot be overstated.  Dozono and Missal have each influenced a generation of Pacific Northwest artists, both inside the classroom and through their prolific works of art.



Paul Missal relies on observation to draw and paint his subject, whether still life, figure, or landscape.  He revels in the Process of art making, finding limitless possibility in the relationships between color, edge, line, texture, and value.  His attention to the fundamentals is a celebration of visual language and the stories that they enable us to tell.  Emphasizing the use of Light and Rhythm within a composition, his goal is to elevate formal aspects by connecting to deeper spiritual content within his works of art.


Still Life with Robin (detail), Paul Missal


Robert R. Dozono grew up in a world where no one wasted anything.  Everyone wrapped everything in newspaper: fish, vegetables - everything.  Nothing was wasted.  His attraction to this way of living is evident in his mixed–media artworks. Dozono has not had regular garbage service in 30 years!  In that time, after recycling or composting as much as possible, he creatively incorporates whatever remains into his paintings.  The results are both jarring and beautiful, as he masterfully integrates garbage with paint to depict tranquil scenes of rivers or gardens.

Eggplants in My Garden #3 (detail), Robert R. Dozono

Virtual Events

Thursday, February 3, 4:30 - 5pm

Virtual Artist Reception

Livestreaming on the Blackfish Gallery Facebook Page. 

Comment on our FB Live during the reception to enter to win

a print from Edie Overturf and a sketch from Kelsey Birsa!

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