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Myra Clark

Primarily a painter and installation artist, I focus on process and intuition in making art no matter the medium. Four cornerstones help me spark and maintain this direction: curiosity, composition, surprise, and mark making. Aligning these elements fosters both chaos and order, yet the juxtaposition does not break the work apart, but rather combines it into something new.


Thus, each body of work that I create tends to be unique, whether in subject, media, method, or intention – I don’t hold myself to one way of making art. My contemporary metaphorical, abstract acrylic and ink work is foundational to my practice, right alongside my equally foundational iconography that emphasizes the ancient Byzantine painting tradition of depicting Christian saints. My three-dimensional installation work centers on social justice and political issues, and the same cornerstones apply.


The throughline, the fifth cornerstone, is spirituality. The process of making shows through in the final pieces: there is an acknowledgement of getting lost while creating and not knowing what to do or where to go; of being brought back to trusting that small inner voice and finding the courage to follow that voice to where truth resides. Of daring to be in that space of ebb and flow, but even more so, to act on what is found there.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.



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