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Jana Demartini

We create from our experiences. As we create we are exploring ourselves and our position in the world and our environment. It is an adventure. 


Every artist’s art is their coping mechanism. It can be used as an escape from the troublesome reality. I used it fully in these very difficult times, albeit as a starting point. I missed the beach, so I started creating it from my memories. As I created the lovely, whimsical rocks which appear and disappear with the tide, a saying popped in my head: ‘Hard as a rock’. It dawned on me that rocks, the oldest, the most durable, solid feature of our world can be my stimulant in endurance of the separation and loneliness in these difficult, stressful times. And I was on my way to create Rocks as a presentation of my admiration of their stability.


For this project I chose pastels, a return or continuation of my previous work  some years back about body-landscape. One advantage of pastels is that they are time forgiving. I don’t need a big preparation or clean up time which is an advantage in my present situation.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.

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