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Merridawn Duckler

I’m an artist and writer who creates cross-genre in poetry, theater and visual art. These inspire and inform each other in my work. I’ve made huge novel-sized installations and produced haiku-like miniatures no bigger than a seed. I relish an art historical reference and I’m a sucker for a visual pun. I prefer to see the mistake-making hand present and often work in media we’ve abandoned since childhood, like tracing and coloring. I enjoy humble materials and have an affinity with the Arte Povera, found art and land art movements. My projects unfold over time. Because I work in so many different media I am often thinking in oeuvre, and relational themes.

I have an intellectual, analytic background and training from my education, experience and personality. I’ve always been interested in scholarly topics. I rarely stop thinking about the implications of our age of mechanical reproduction. I also get stirred up by the immediate and topical. I’ll take as much pleasure in voting on who wore it better as I do contemplating work by Richter, Rothko, Smithson, Bourgeois. Well, not really. But I’ve always enjoyed that straddle between pop culture and high culture because, as far as I’m concerned, they are all culture. I love museums but maintain an on-going practice of photographing art guards as we both watch the people watching each other watching the art. Every day, ordinary interactions are, to me, the most spiritually profound.

Keats said truth is beauty and I agree that beauty is also, deeply, truth. I like how the whole matter is addressed to a practical piece of sculpture that can hold ashes, water, soup and art.

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