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Prospective Artist Member-Owner Information 

Blackfish Gallery is artist-owned and operated, funded and maintained by its artist members through monthly dues and other sources. The gallery opened in 1979 as exhibition space for innovative and professional quality work by local artists and for work that, because of its subject or medium, may not necessarily be commercially viable. In addition to showing member-owners’ art in monthly exhibitions, Blackfish features guest works through Fishbowl II, a window art project open to under-represented and emerging artists.


The artist member-owners of Blackfish employ a part-time director to represent, promote and sell the art exhibited, and to help facilitate the gallery's public relations. The artists make all major policy decisions at mandatory monthly meetings, and also provide the expertise, enthusiasm and labor necessary to run the gallery in all its facets. Each member-owner performs routine duties required to run and maintain the gallery, serves on at least two committees, and gallery-sits one day per month. Each artist should live close enough to Portland to participate in required duties.

Economic Obligations as an Artist Member-Owner:

Financial support comes from monthly dues of each artist and 40% commissions from artwork sold. Upon becoming a co-member-owner, each artist pays an initiation fee of $150.00. Current monthly dues are $150. Additionally, member-owners are responsible for an exhibition fee when showing in one of the three main gallery spaces.


Exhibiting at Blackfish as an Artist Member-Owner:

Each member-owner can expect to exhibit in a solo or two-artist show every 18 to 24 months. In addition, the gallery mounts an occasional group themed show in which members and guest artists are invited to show their work. Artists may also show work in one of our smaller galleries on NW Everett St. and in the Fishbowl One Installation Space.

Portfolio Submissions to Blackfish Gallery:

Prospective artist member-owners should clearly demonstrate their qualifications as professionals through the level of their work, and their record of professional achievement. They should exhibit understanding that they would be joining a team of artist member-owners that runs all aspects of the gallery business and state which skillsets they bring to the team. 


To apply to become a Blackfisher, please digitally submit 20 images of recent artwork with corresponding image inventory list, letter of intent, resume that includes education and exhibitions, brief artist’s statement by sending a link to files in your Google Drive or Dropbox to with the subject line "Artist Member-Owner Application."  You may also send your files and images on a USB flash drive to the gallery: 


Blackfish Gallery

Attn: New Member Coordinator 

938 NW Everett St.

Portland, OR 97209

We are always accepting portfolio applications. However,  these applications are reviewed quarterly, depending on whether or not there is an membership slot available. When we are at capacity, we keep a list of interested parties who have submitted a complete application package and hold a review when space comes available. A positive, 2/3 vote on your images nets you an invitation to meet with us, present at least three examples of recent work, and answer questions member-owners have about your art. After this review, Blackfishers vote again. With a 2/3 vote in favor, you are invited to join the gallery. Note: Your application will not be reviewed if it is incomplete. 

We also offer Apprentice Memberships. To qualify, you must have received an art degree within the last two years. The initiation fee of $150.00 is waived and the monthly dues are reduced by 50%. Since there are limited apprentice membership positions available, please indicate your interest in your letter of intent. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

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