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Corey S. Pressman

My artworks use the colors and forms of everyday experience as an alphabet with which to describe the light at the center, a light which binds us to life, to the present, and to each other. To do this, the works isolate and rearrange the hues, shapes, and relationships of shadows, eyes, flowers, dusk, architecture, alphabets, and all birds.

My process is an idiosyncratic approach to painting. The work features the direct application of powder pigment to dry paper. Each piece is then finished with resin and locally-sourced beeswax. Other media I engage with include graphite, charcoal, wood, waxed thread, and collaged paper. Many of the marks I make are derived from custom-cut stencils. Each piece incorporates asemic alphabetic gestures.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.



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