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Anastasiya Gutnik

Anastasiya Gutnik is a Russian-born artist whose work incorporates walking, storytelling, and notions around place and transience. Primal materials such as soil, salt, ash, bones, grasses, ferns, become starting points for her art installations for their physical properties, cultural meaning, and ecological significance. The human and non-human find connections through their own gestural expressions, gravitational pulls, and historic entanglements. She has been exploring ways that our relationship to our natural world (and each other) is developed and passed down generationally through video, installation, sculpture, and drawing in projects that span multiple timescales from fast improvisational drawing to durational performances to sites recorded over years.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.

For inquiries regarding site-specific installations, performative works, and/or special projects please contact



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