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​​Virtual Opening Reception & Artist Talks

September 3, 2020  6pm

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Parts of Cosmic


Tree II

September 1-26, 2020

Kanetaka Ikeda - Parts of Cosmic Tree- S

Ikeda’s exhibition is a continuation of artwork arising from his theme of the Cosmic Tree. To this day Ikeda’s inspiration is transpired from a vivid and unforgettable dream that he dreamt in the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s. From his dream world he has created a personal myth which resonates in his artwork. In his dream, he is in the center of the universe surrounded by zillions of whirling orbs which appeared as suns and stars.To depict the Cosmic Tree, Ikeda has used a variety of media:installations, paintings, drawings and verses. He has illustrated theCosmic Tree symbolically as an organic, plant-like form colored with spiraling patterns resembling stars and galaxies. The Cosmic Tree is ever changing in boundless form. To create it in a concrete sculptural form, Ikeda has captured it as though time stopped only for a nano second and the form instantaneously solidifies.


Ikeda was born in Kagoshima at the southern end of Japan and immigrated to Oregon in his childhood and attended Port-land State University. He moved to Sapporo in the late 1980’s and lived there for 20 years. During that time he exhibited artwork and taught sculpture at Dohto University

Kanetaka Ikeda - Parts of Cosmic Tree- S

Above: Kane Ikeda "Parts of Cosmic Tree- Seeds #3" mix media assemblage 2020 23”h x 31”w x 27”d

Monica Mitchell - La Infanta .jpg



Fantasia Las Meninas

Mitchell’s art-making practice is an exploration of drawing and form. She borrows ideas from several sources: female gender roles, masquerade, camouflage, pattern, music, nature and consumerism. In addition Mitchell uses found objects, fabric and duck tape, as well as traditional drawing and painting materials. The juxtaposition between found objects and traditional art materials creates meaning by association. Visual elements such as pattern and color bring to our attention the many relationships between artificial and natural worlds. Mitchell’s art is a beautiful, colorful display bringing unique materials together in a surprising and original way.

Mitchell also is an accomplished violinist with Bachelor of Music from the University of Massachusetts and a MFA from Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

Left: Monica Mitchell, "La Infanta", found objects and mixed media, variable dimensions

Backroom Gallery

Featured in the Backroom Gallery this month is Alice Christine Walker. Click through the slideshow to see more images.


September galley tour
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