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Rita Alves

My undergraduate education was at University of California, Santa Cruz, where the art department had a progressive focus on intermedia and gender politics. My MFA is from the New York Academy of Art, a figurative school. I went to New York to learn drawing and painting technique, not to became a neo-classicist, but to become an installation and intermedia artist with the breadth of skill to pull off my visions in an alluring manner.


My work relates to spectacle and American politics. It utilizes classical painting and drawing technique but also considers the space of installation and viewer interaction.


I use American flags and class III reflective material, which is required PPE for work done on the streets such as construction and public works. The act of cutting, hand-sewing, and painting the American flag, using mirror-like materials representing the working class is meant as both iconoclasm of the symbol for a nation in crisis and redemption, beautification, and insertion of feminist power into a symbol of contention.


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.



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