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Qiheng Liu

Qiheng Liu was born in northern China in 1990, and now lives in Portland Oregon. The objective of his work is to try to understand different elements of painting and to explore the relationship between them, thereby achieving self-expression. His artistic creation originates from the unfamiliar experiences that various surroundings have brought him. Those experiences forced him to focus his attention on himself—gradually, he came to realize the existence of the “self.” His concept of “self” was established step-by step and became the foundation of his creation. Thereafter, within the process of uninterrupted daily practice, he developed a space in his work, a stage that could embrace any element or any character. He has always been interested in how the elements incorporated into his work compete, interact, and compromise with each other. He believes that painting is a game, just like other games. Each element brings a relevant discipline when incorporated into a work, and those different disciplines are often the genesis of the “game.” However, the future of each element of his work is determined by the “self”.


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