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Myra Clark

Langeais Doorway

acrylic on wood panel

34" x 30"


RENTAL PRICE: $140 (includes one-time $45 administration fee)


The rental period is for 3 months. There is a one-time $45 non-refundable administration fee applied to all rentals. After three months, you have the option of renewing the piece for an additional three months (six months total) or you can purchase it. 100% of accrued rental fees will be put towards the purchase price. Once you click purchase on your rental, our Director will follow up with you regarding the appropriate paperwork and schedule an appointment to pick up the artwork.

Clark: Langeais Doorway (RENTAL)

    To arrange to receive your purchase, email us at We provide curbside pick up at the gallery for free, or you can pay to have it shipped to you. Contact us to get an estimate and pay for shipping to your address. 
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