October 5 - 30, 2021

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Above:  Lynda Ater, Suspension 1, 36 x36”, acrylic on canvas, 2020

Mars Disappointed to Discover Life on Earth.jpg


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Aaron Johanson, Mars Disappointed to Discover Life on  Earth, 13 x 17,” Silkscreen and pencil, 2020



2021 August: 

2021 July; Recent Graduates 2021

2021 June:

2021 May; Jana Demartini and Erin Robinson Grant, Backroom Michael Knutson

2021 April; Rory Oneal, Backroom Charles Siegfried

2021 March; Kelsey Birsa, Edie Overturf; Backroom Kanetaka Ikeda

2021 February; Barbara Black, Angela Passalacqua, Backroom In Memoriam: Dyann Alkire (1948 to 2020)

2021 January; Myra Clark; Backroom Judith Wyss

2020 December; Rita Alves, Sue Tower, Backroom Small Works Show

2020 October - November; The Love Politik: One World, Indivisible group show (in gallery and virtual)

2020 September; Monica Mitchell, Kanetaka Ikeda; Backroom Alice Christine Walker

2020 August; Steve Tilden and Jen Fuller (guest), Stephan Soihl, Howard Neufeld (guest); Backroom Sue Tower

2020 July; Black Power is a Color- Danielle McCoy, Kareem Blair, Christine Miller (guest artists); Backroom Mami Takahashi

2020 June; From the Stacks group show (in gallery and virtual)

2020 May; 30 Works in 30 Days (virtual group show)

2020 March - April; Greg Conyne and Barbara Conyne (guest); Backroom Stephan Soihl

2020 February; New Members show II- Aaron Johanson, Erin Robinson Grant, Edie Overturf; Backroom Monica Mitchell

2020 January; New Members show I- Kelsey Birsa, Alice Christine Walker

2019 December; Carol Benson, Michael Knutson; Backroom Small Works benefit show

2019 November; Merridawn Duckler; Backroom Lauren Carrera

2019 October; Robert Dozono; Backroom Sculpture show

2019 September; Lynda Ater, Rory ONeal; Backroom Barbara Black

2019 August; New members show- Mami Takahashi, Myra Clark; Backroom Triangle Productions

2019 July; Recent Grads #24

2019 June; Palmarin Merges, Group members drawing show; Backroom Kanetaka Ikeda

2019 May; Lauren Carrera; Backroom Jana Demartini

2019 April; 40th Anniversary- Past Members

2019 March; Judith Weiss, Paul Missal

2019 February; David Selleck Retrospective; Backroom Angela Passalacqua

2019 January; 40th Anniversary- Current Members exhibit; Backroom Carol Benson

2018 December; Charles Siegfried, “The Immigrants Show“; Backroom Small works benefit show

2018 November; Clint Brown, Bill Rades (guest); Backroom Roya Motamedi

2018 October; Christopher Shotola-Hardt, Lauren Carrera (new member); Backroom Palmarin Merges

2018 September; Monica Mitchell, Rita Alves; Backroom Merridawn Duckler

2018 August; Angela Passalacqua, Barbara Black

2018 July; Recent Grads #23

2018 June; Mandy Stigant, Jana Demartini; Backroom Greg and Barbara Conyne

2018 May; Stephen Soihl, Steve Tilden; Backroom Clint Brown

2018 April; Carol Benson, Michael Knutson; Backroom Stephen Soihl

2018 March; Greg Conyne, Theresa Redinger

2018 February; Kane Ikeda, Christy Wyckoff and Alan Lau (guests); Backroom Monica Mitchell (new member)

2018 January;Vance Feldman (guest); Backroom Rory ONeal

2017 December; Ellen Goldschmidt, Palmarin Merges; Backroom Small works benefit show

2017 November; Sue Tower, Kentree Speirs (guest); Backroom Rita Alves

2017 October; Lynda Ater, Sue Friesz (guest); Backroom Kane Ikeda

2017 September; Robert Dozono; Backroom Angela Passalacqua

2017 August; We the People (Blackfish and invitational group show)

2017 July; Recent Grads #22

2017 June; Nathan Orosco; Backroom Barbara Black

2017 May; Yoonhee Choi, Roya Motamedi; Backroom Charles Siegfried and WSU 10th anniversary graduate class

2017 April; Merridawn Duckler and Geordie Duckler (guest)

2017 March; NCECA: Legacy Emergent (Mandy Stigant and seven guest ceramicists); Backroom Nathan Orosco

2017 February; Rita Alves (returning member), Robert A. Nelson (guest)

2017 January; Rory ONeal; Backroom Chris Knutson (guest)

2016 December; Judith Wyss, Clint Brown; Backroom Small works benefit show

2016 November; Angela Passalacqua, Barbara Black; Backroom Jana Demartini

2016 October; Kane Ikeda, Sarah Fagan

2016 September; Carol Benson, Michael Knutson; Backroom Yoonhee Choi

2016 August; Green (Blackfish members group show)

2016 July; Recent Grads #21

2016 June; David Selleck, Mandy Stigant; Backroom Steve Tilden

2016 May; Ellen Goldschmidt, Paul Missal; Backroom Michael Knutson

2016 April; Stephen Soihl, Howard Neufeld, Steve Tilden

2016 March; Theresa Redinger, Nathan Orosco; Backroom Stephen Soihl

2016 February; James Luna (guest)

2016 January; Charles Siegfried; Backroom Judith Wyss

2015 December; Tori Bryer, Palmarin Merges; Backroom Small works benefit show

2015 November; Greg Conyne, Robert Dozono

2015 October; Merridawn Duckler, Christopher Shotola-Hardt; Backroom Charles Siegfried

2015 September; Roya Motamedi, Le Brie Rich (guest); Backroom Carol Benson

2015 August; Lynda Ater, Sue Tower

2015 July; Recent Grads #20

2015 June; Yoonhee Choi; Backroom Kanetaka Ikeda

2015 May; Angela Passalacqua, Barbara Black; Backroom Judith Wyss

2015 April; Clint Brown, Rory ONeal; Backroom Triangle Productions/Storefront (guests)