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Ellen Goldschmidt

As a painter, I follow my instincts and respond to questions that life presents to me. By wrestling with what rises to the surface and rejecting pressures to focus on a single genre, style or subject matter, I stay fresh, engaged and ever-evolving, and I hone my craft along the way.

I work in series with paint and drawing materials to investigate emotional, psychological and interpersonal aspects of experience. Through use of the figure, I have explored sibling rivalry, long term relationships and other family dynamics and created large scale charcoal, graphite and ink drawings that spring from my imagination, with no outside referents or models.


Currently, abstraction—pushing formal concerns with oblique reference to nature, culture, art history and metaphysical questions—is of interest to me. My latest work dives into my inner world, excavating ideas and sensations, searching for a fresh aesthetic to represent my version of reality—a negotiated balance among disparate elements that I call ‘my own private multiverse.’


To view more artwork for sale by this artist, check out our AVAILABLE WORK page.



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