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​​Virtual Opening Reception & Artist Talks

August 6, 2020,  6-7 pm

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Scraps in Transition

August 4-29, 2020

Steve Tilden is an exciting sculptor in transition. The challenge of a detached retina has forced Tilden to give up control over his very detailed work and invent an innovative new style of assembling and fusing found scraps of sheet metal using a spot welder, used in automotive body shops. This method of welding allows Steve to focus more on how to “see” the abstraction of the work while leaving room for a fruitful collaboration with Portland glass artist Jen Fuller to add shapes of slumped glass to these fantastic mythological dogs and horses.

bird on branch.jpg

Above:​ Steve Tilden, "Attila the Hum", 2020, steel, 26 x 15”

Revolving Flower Soihl White.jpg



Small Kinetic Sculptures

Soihl creates small sculptures with a kinetic emphasis, utilizing his background in physics. By programming micro controllers, he is able to use solar panels to animate kinetic sculptures with sunlight and/or incandescent light, which he calls “time variable volumes.” Using plexiglas shapes that are hollow and filled with colored oils, he brings these sculptures to life with electrically timed motors and pumps that allow the pieces to tilt, rotate, and shift, which in turn mobilizes the colored oils throughout the hollowed plexiglas and tubing. Experimenting with the timing, volume, color, dimensions, motors, viscosity, and contours of these sculptures, he has pursued an exploration of both beauty and physics.

Above: Stephen Soihl, "Revolving Flower", 2019, Brass, aluminum, wood, motor, microcontroller, 18.5” x 17” x 17”

guest artist:



Structure and Chaos

Neufeld’s paintings are a combination of structure and chaos, enfolding the external reality of the natural world and the internal reality of psychological representation. For structure, he draws upon fractal geometry, while the play of chaos arises from intuitive and receptive processes. Neufeld retired in 2015 from the Visual Art faculty of Mt. Hood Community College.

Right:​ Howard Neufeld, "Mandala #1", 2017-18, Acrylic on board, 39” X 39”


Backroom Gallery

Featured in the Backroom Gallery this month is Sue Tower


"Pavlova's Dance"

10" x 20"

oil on canvas



1_ST_Pavlova's Dance.jpg
August Gallery Tour
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