Show runs July 30 - August 31, 2019  //  First Thursday August 1, 2019 | 6-9pm


Myra will give an artist's talk at Blackfish on Saturday, August 17, 11am, open to the public.

Myra Clark: Myra Clark offers new work entitled "Pilgrimage" in this New Member Show. Based on stories Clark’s mother has recounted as she moves through dementia, Clark transposes this narrative of memory, grief, and loss into a trio of installations. Using ancient Byzantine icon painting methods alongside contemporary painting styles and found and made objects, Clark reflects on family, aging, and spirituality as she explores the journey and meaning encompassed in this new stage of life for both mother and daughter.


Myra Clark: Pilgrimage


My Word is Hard to Hear stems from a work displayed in an exhibition in 2014, and is an ongoing investigation of veiled communication within public space. My Word is Hard to Hear features listening circles on the floor to bring focus to an individual's voice reading poems in hushed tones otherwise lost amongst the space’s other noise.











Mami Takahashi: My Word is Hard to Hear