Denatured - New Members February 2020

Show runs February 4 - 29, 2020

First Thursday February 6, 6-9pm

As a visual artist, Erin Robinson Grant is interested in imagery that both embraces and denies—that entices yet disgusts. Her work is founded upon the premise that the vile and the exquisite are a cyclical continuum that encompasses all of human experience.

Aaron Johanson’s current work examines how icebergs might transform themselves if they had the volition to do so in response to a changing climate. With nomenclature that draws upon geological terminology (“growler,” for example, is a classification for the smallest of icebergs, as defined by the amount of ice protruding above sea level), Johanson’s work invites us into a new perspective on our relationship with the changing environment.

Edie Overturf's practice is strongly rooted in printmaking processes and the use of multiple and recurring images. Printmaking and print media have a long history of inciting change in the world and exposing the truth. Much of her work depends upon the dynamic form of the series.

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