past exhibition

NOVEMBER 2011: Yoonhee Choi, Paul Missal


Yoonhee Choi’s work has developed from her previous work in that it has expanded and deepened her exploration of her materials, such as line-tape, drafting and office supplies, Sumi ink and light pencil marks. She says, “My palette has been extended to include more vibrant color as well as subtle
graphite lines”. Each piece is carefully composed in balancing the tiny shapes and delicate marks and allowing the paper to show between them. Her work reminds her of a memento, a small object that hopefully evokes feelings in the viewer, like a personal photo or an old postcard.

Paul Missal’s work is comprised of etchings, drawings and acrylic paintings. He says: “The artwork in this exhibition represents a flow of vision that uses still life, drawings and prints to examine a common theme of relationship. The work invites the viewer to examine some of the connective aspects of meaning that move from person to person, thought to intention and object to object. While in some cases it takes the form of a rather extended visual metaphor, the images are meant to suggest that everything is connected to everything else and when something is set into motion, there is change, transformation and a sense of oneness”.

Missal is a co-founder of Blackfish Gallery and since 2006, Professor Emeritus at Pacific NW College of Art. He graduated from Yale University in 1967 with a MFA degree. He has had a very distinguished career in the arts and is well known for his portraiture and animal portrayals.

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Fishbowl 1: Christopher Shotola-Hardt
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Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Christopher Shotola-Hardt