past exhibition

MARCH 2014: Theresa Redinger and David Selleck


Funambulism, fanciful creatures, and quirky subject matter inhabit and animate the Blackfish main gallery this month.

In Theresa Redinger's new work, several enigmatic images repeat: skies, chain link fencesand tents, with the addition of a new symbol -- funambulism, (tightrope walking), or in Redinger's words "balancing carefully high in the air." Visitors to a Redinger exhibition will experience a kind of jungle gym for the mind and the senses: "I hope viewers feel they've been presented with direct ambiguousness," Redinger says, "a children's museum version of an art gallery."

A highly developed sense of color, pattern and play contribute to David Selleck's addictively pleasurable images for mixed media assemblages and paintings, which tell stories just outside the viewer's reach. Humor and fun are the end points for the artist who sees his work as an escape valve from "this too serious world." But there's nothing frivolous about Selleck's craft. "The imagery may be quirky," he notes, "but the formal foundation of my work is dead serious."

back room: Stephan Soihl -- kinetic sculpture
Soihl will be available to answer questions about his work while he re-programs his kinetic sculpture on First Thursday, March 6, and on Saturday, March 15, and Saturday, March 29, the last day of the show.

Back Room Show: 
Stephan Soihl
Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Ellen Goldschmidt
Fishbowl 2 Artist: 
Erin Robinson Grant