past exhibition

DECEMBER 2014 - Sandra Roumagoux and Oriana Lewton-Leopold


Sandra Roumagoux’s close observation of the landscape of Lincoln County, OR continues in a series of paintings of the Yaquina Bay Bridge and ocean views near her home. For the iconic bridge, she ducked underneath the structure to produce rare views of its underpinnings. She brings to bear her work as Mayor of the City of Newport on these lushly painted landscapes, looking more closely and from different perspectives at local infrastructure and the environment.

Oriana Lewton-Leopold surveys popular culture for instances of extreme emotion: women experiencing or enacting exhilaration, defeat, mourning, anger and other highly-charged feelings. Depicting Olympic figure skaters and young women accused of witchcraft in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the images suggest parallels between these different types of “performances."

Conversation with the Artists: Saturday, December 6, 11 am

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