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JUNE 2013: Ritual, the Show - Merridawn Duckler, Geordie Duckler + Ritual Group Exhibition


In Ritual, The Show, a transformed gallery space, created by Blackfish member Merridawn Duckler and guest artist Geordie Duckler, invites visitors to partake in three separate experiences that combine ritual and art.

Concurrently, Blackfish offers Ritual, a companion, group exhibition of works in various media that explore ideas about ritual.

Participating artists:
Rita Alves, Carol Benson, Barbara Black, Greg Conyne, Jana Demartini, Kanetaka Ikeda, Michael Knutson, Paul Missal, Angela Passalacqua, Theresa Redinger, Sandra Roumagoux, David Selleck, Stephan Soihl, Mandy Stigant, Steve Tilden, Judith Wyss

To download Merridawn Duckler's June 4 interview on KBOO with Joseph Gallivan, go to the following URL:

Back Room Show: 
Rita Alves
Fishbowl 2 Artist: 
Project Grow