past exhibition

FEBRUARY 2017: Rita Alves: Separation Anxiety | With Guest Artist Robert A. Nelson: Wild Animals


Anamorphosis, which means “to form again,” is a historical drawing technique with roots in Renaissance linear perspective, Victorian children’s novelties, and concealment of pornography. Rita Alves has adapted this old technique to examine modern concerns, specifically, our society’s growing detachment from physical reality in an environment overwhelmed by screens. Alves’ drawings are distorted, brightly colored pictures displayed horizontally on shelves, with cylindrical mirrors placed on top. The images in the distorted drawings become recognizable when viewed as reflections in the mirrors.

Blackfish Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of visiting artist Robert A. Nelson’s recent mixed media drawings. Nelson is a painter, sculptor, printmaker and expert draftsman. It is the latter skill that takes center stage in this exhibition of fancifully complex, and occasionally dark images of Wild Animals. “Drawing is the first art,” Nelson underscores, “everything else springs from that.”