past exhibition

SEPTEMBER 2014: Paul Missal and Judith Wyss


Paul Missal revels in the physical pleasures of the visual arts. There is joy in painting out of pure obsession with texture; there is goodness in seeing and making, so someone else might see.

These simple and powerful concerns are sometimes brushed aside or deemed secondary in the pressured age of “artist as activist.” Missal never tires of probing the dialogue born when a pink shell is paired with a blue cup, for example. Both object and narrative are explored in his newest body of work.

The unexpected, the mysterious, the unknown—these are the elements that fuel Judith Wyss' latest body of work.

Wyss, is interested in the story before and after the depicted scene. Her drawings and paintings are ripe with moments, objects, and clues that push the imagination of the viewer. Anglophile and mystery buff, Wyss invites viewers to take out the imaginary monocle and play Sherlock Holmes when viewing this month.