past exhibition

MAY 2016: Paul Missal - Some Reflections Ellen Goldschmidt - Surrounded by Feeling


In Paul Missal's latest series, the artist inhabits his history quite literally. These intimate mediations on himself and his world--self-portraits and still-lifes--were produced in his childhood home in Cleveland, Ohio, where he has been staying while caring for an aging parent. “Things I remember have partnered with new discovery,” Missal says, “and I am brought face to face with my own development as an artist.”

How do you draw a feeling? That’s the question Ellen Goldschmidt asks in her large figurative drawings on view this month. Some drawings are portrait studies of feelings, while others in the collection plumb the complex emotions embedded in her own relationship with her sister and the asymmetrical power relationship of sibling rivalry.

A Conversation with the Artists: Ellen Goldschmidt and Paul Missal, Wednesday, May 4, 7 pm
Goldschmidt and Missal will have an exchange about their current work, drawing processes, and more.