past exhibition

JUNE 2018 - MANDY STIGANT Mediteations | JANA DEMARTINI Conversations with Water


Ceramic artist Mandy Stigant has spent the last two years honing her designs for wood fired porcelain teasets, searching for a comfortable balance between perfect function and sacrifice of a bit of function for the sake of form. Crafting quality tea ware springs from Stigant's own quiet ritual of morning tea: "Considering the growing tumult in the world, the drastic news we find ourselves waking to every morning, my tea ritual is my one reliable, comfortable moment of peace and contemplation on any given day."

Water--as life source, force, reflection, and metaphor for time--is at the center of Jana Demartini's gently compelling new watercolor paintings. A close observer of nature whose environmentalism guides her art practice, Demartini makes visual links between water and other features of nature that, in a time of inordinate divisions, offer a reminder of nature's coherence.