past exhibition

OCTOBER 2017: Lynda Ater: Image Building with guest artist Sue Friesz: Nature Reconstructed


A scientist and artist by education and sensibility, Lynda Ater makes work that combines abstracted cell images with the dynamics of color interaction.

Ater found abnormal cells (she sees under a microscope at work) visually fascinating, having variable shapes both subtle and extreme. By taking these microscopic forms out of the lab and presenting them in paint on canvas, she gives them new life, highlighting playfulness and intrigue instead of sickness and dread.

Using shapes, contours and patterns found in the plant and built worlds, guest artist Sue Friesz draws, paints and sculpts works that explore the tension between these two modalities.

In Nature Reconstructed, plants are the primary vehicle for the composition of each work. The organic subject matter is counterbalanced with precision and stylization of execution, referencing the mechanics of the built world.

Artist talk Saturday, October 21, 2pm at Blackfish, open to the public.