past exhibition

NOVEMBER 2014: Kane Ikeda and Nathan Orosco


Twenty-eight years ago, a brilliant dream launched Kane Ikeda on an artistic odyssey. Though his output since then has included mixed media sculpture, wood carving, installation, ink drawings, forays into surrealism, cartoons, satirical stories, and , in his current show, semi-abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, each new body of work uncovers a deeper layer of meaning in the elaborate visual myth he continues to spin from his initial vision.

Sculptor Nathan Orosco engages physically, politically and intellectually with his materials, taking into account what he calls “the dialogue of industrialization,” along with the specific qualities of metal and glass and the content he is trying to attach to them. “The material ,” Orosco explains, “has layers of industry contained within it, regardless of the content projecting from the artist. The echoes of the materials in their raw state and in traditional industrial processes are ancient and I’m trying to hear them , so to speak.”

Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Carol Benson
Fishbowl 2 Artist: 
Radio Sebastian