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APRIL 2018: Carol Benson: Sewn and Pieced Paintings | Michael Knutson: Split and Rotational Fields


The patterned works in Carol Benson’s new exhibition call to mind magnified swatches of tapestries or weavings loosely unraveling, among other associations. No surprise, since the original inspiration for this painting process was a 2010 trip to Turkey where she soaked up the colors and textures of local textiles.

Michael Knutson’s influences range from Claude Monet’s panoramic water garden paintings to Navajo blankets and 19th century British quilts made from military fabrics. Aspects of Piet Mondrian and the paintings of his former Yale professor Al Held left deep retinal impressions on the artist. From this soup of visual and intellectual influences, Knutson crafts vertiginous and slippery geometric pictorial spaces with striking visual punch.

Back Room Show: 
Stephan Soihl
Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Michael Knutson