past exhibition

OCTOBER 2014: Carol Benson and Michael Knutson


Artists Carol Benson and Michael Knutson are exhibiting together for the third time at Blackfish Gallery this October. Married for 38 years, their works share a vibrant color sensibility and formal focus on eccentric geometries, though each pursues distinctly different subject matter and techniques.

In recent years, Benson, a painter and sculptor, has melded both disciplines in wall-hung, low relief constructions made of recycled materials, such as canvas scraps, painted strips from a prior installation and small found branches and sticks.

Michael Knutson creates complex pictorial spaces that at first glance appear chaotic, but on longer viewing reveal an intriguing order as well as a grasp of elastic architectural spaces, dense forests and tangled kelp beds, among other phenomena.

Artists Talk: Saturday, October 11, 2 pm