past exhibition

APRIL 2014: Being Blackfish: An Exhibit of 30 Current Artist Members


To round out Blackfish Gallery’s 35th anniversary year, Being Blackfish showcases the extraordinary creative range of the gallery’s current artist roster. All 30 artists have chosen a piece that represents their current practice. The work is diverse and complex, each piece an expression of the inner world of that particular artist.

While commercial galleries generally present work that falls within a limited aesthetic range, Blackfish represents artists of vastly different aesthetic taste and vision. Being Blackfish offers the public the rare opportunity to glimpse a diverse collection of members’ work in one turn around the gallery.

April special event; the 19th at 2pm at the Blackfish gallery: 'Avant-Garde & Kitsch’ Today: A Panel Discussion

On the 75th anniversary of the publication of Clement Greenberg’s essay, “Avant-Garde and Kitsch,” probably the most referred to (and derided) essay on art of the 20th century, seven local critics who write on art in Portland and beyond will discuss the works that have most challenged them. See news items page for more details.