past exhibition

JANUARY 2014: Becoming Blackfish -- a 35th anniversary celebration of how we came to be


Kicking off Blackfish’s 35th Anniversary year,
the gallery celebrates the current work of 38 former and founding members.

participating artists:
John Alberts, Dyann Alkire, Robert Bibler, Barbara Black, Pavel Boboia, Sharon Bronzan, Mario Caoile, Judy Cooke, Priscilla Carrasco, Jonnel Covault, Julia Fish, Susan Freifeld, Sheryl Funkhouser, Deborah Gillis, Robert Hanson, Jim Hibbard, Harold Hoy, Kanetaka Ikeda, Michiro Kosuge, Colleen Kriger, Paul Missal, William Moore, Howard Neufeld, Barry Pelzner, Esther Podemski, Richard Rezac, Eileen Senner, Manya Shapiro, Margaret Shirley, Kate Simmons, Arvie Smith, Stephan Soihl, Rick True, Lynne Woods Turner, Gary Westford, Harry Widman, Christy Wyckoff

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Blackfish Gallery's 35th Anniversary Project is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Work for Art

Back Room Show: 
Paul Missal
Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Fishbowl 2 Artist: 
Rosanna Ybarra and Keyon Gaskin