past exhibition

APRIL 2017: Roboyat: Omar Khayyam’s “Rubaiyat” Reimagined | an installation by Merridawn Duckler and Geordie Duckler


Omar Khayyam’s famous 11th century poem, the Rubaiyat, informs the structure, context and content of Merridawn and Geordie Duckler’s cacophonous new installation, Roboyat. However, while Khayyam wrote about the fleeting nature of existence, the Ducklers are concerned with the anti-topical and what lasts beyond current manias. “We are interested in ideas of translation, the ephemeral and daily image, what lasts and doesn’t, the lineages that keep poetry and visual art alive, in science and in language as a visual medium,” they explain.

Along with deep regard for Khayyam’s classic work, the self-taught artists, who are brother and sister, bring humor and a giant dose of futurism to their task. “The installation is a meditation on the art and artifacts in our world as envisioned by the imagined future, in the form of the Roboyats,” they say.

Included in the installation is a collection of 500 robots amassed by Geordie and ranging in size from tiny to looming. “These Roboyats represent the past and future of translation,” notes Merridawn. “From Homer to Omar Khayyam and his translator Edward FitzGerald, to Geordie and myself, we are all translators of our own experience. Language and memory are the strands that unite all humans.” Also included in the installation are text, wall panels, colored drawings, books, and other objects.

Lecture / Performance: Sunday, April 9 | 7 pm